Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'An opera is an absurd thing'

"It's fruitless to try to seperate them. Words and music are fused into one... One art redeemed by the other!"

Cue orchestra! Oooooooh soooo laaaaaaaa miiiiiiiiiiaaaaaAAAAAAAA!!!!

Oh, my goodness. Went to the opera for the first time. I wasn't sure it would be something I would enjoy, I get bored during movies, especially car chases and shoot-em-up scenes, and lots of german singing seemed along those same lines...

Oh, but it was woooonderful. The music! The set! The humour! The singing! The small bit with the ballerina! Even ze german!

Over 2 hours, no intermission, and marvellous.

Capriccio by Strauss, wherein a woman, torn between the love of a poet and a composer commissions an opera to help her decide.

I must do this again. I want to attend more cultural events, see more of the world of art and beauty. Ballets, operas, galleries. Maybe then I can connect again with my own art...

"...can you advise me, can you help me find the ending, the ending for their opera? Is there one that is not trivial?"

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  1. Right?!
    totally awesome, we were encouraged to go at Emily Carr and loved it!