Thursday, March 4, 2010

I peep on you, mailman!

I like to watch the mailman through the peephole. I race to the door when I hear him open the mail boxes and watch. I try to see if any mail is put into our box, but the silly peephole makes everything look tiny and far away. So... this accomplishes nothing. I'm just a creeper I guess.

I love the mailman.

Today he delivered some Dinosaur Porn. Gorgeous book! I flipped through and read some of the shorter pieces (of course). I love the cover, the paper, the eclectic work within, the unusual theme, the content warning at the beginning, the humour, and one poem in particular... ;)

The mailman also delivered an acceptance letter for the sheet metal foundations course! I guess that's what I'll take, as it beat the race against the electrical foundations acceptance letter that is no doubt on its way :D School starts in September, and donations* are welcome, nay, fully encouraged. I can find your excess monies a fine loving home, honest!

Dear mailman: please deliver my T4 and the letter I need in order to download benefits claim forms. Seriously. Don't fail me on this. I need all resulting cash. Now. No, yesterday. Or just soon.

Soon, all plans will be in motion.

*All donations will be accidentally spent on an all-inclusive to Mexico.

1 comment:

  1. hate it when things happen "accidentally" in all-inclusiveness!

    Congratulations! My daughter, who will soon be sheeting metal into bigger and better stuff - yay! If I have any extra monies, I WILL think of you...

    We also received some of our DinoPorn - 3/5, to be exact. I DID look at yours first off - not that I'm biased, or anything...

    But peeping on the mailman(?), well, it's a good thing you'll be expanding your horizons in September...
    could you just see the headlines in the newspaper
    "Woman caught peeping on mailman - details at 11"

    i keep typing peepling. damn keyboard