Monday, March 1, 2010

No :( Only :)

BSO= no go.

Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Which totally makes me crave chinese food. Again! Mmmm, fortune cookies. Chowmein. Soya sauce on everything.

So. Perhaps the simplicity of situation that arises from this news will set my pen (er, fingers on keyboard, just the pointer ones though, no fancy spider-hands-typing here :P) to twitching, though I won't be surprised if that waits a teensy bit longer. I need to hear if I've been accepted to either of the trades programs I've applied to, get that load off my mind too. And then!

And then! With only that single probably-september day to look forward to, and everything else set in motion, I can write and mail and receive and file and write some more.

I will write of tonsil stones.


  1. More important you have June to look forward to...I think you would make a better spy anyways....

  2. You will enjoy your trades coursein alchemie much more, anyway - isn't the changing of metal from one form to another much more intriguing? That is what you are going to take, isn't it???

  3. -I would make the best spy! Or the worst... Thomas says I stare at the strangers I evesdrop on. Apparently it's not the sneakiest move?
    -Alchemy? I wish! I could send away some conjured gold to those fishy commercials on the tv...