Monday, March 22, 2010

On hobbies.

I took up crochet years ago, but only ever seem to whip out my hook and yarn around christmas. I like to make cute or odd things like sushi and dinosaurs, and envision myself someday having the skills to go about modifying patterns to make even odder creations... dinosaur sushi? But, like writing, this is an activity that can only be accomplished at home, alone.

I have to count my stitches. Out loud. Every single one. I just totally lose track of where I am in my pattern otherwise and I can't really see what's going on with my stitches so undoing a row and starting over... gosh, I can't ever even tell where one row ended and the other started! So no, I can't have anyone around messing me up. I might be a bit of a perfectionist.

I like making things. And giving them away. I'd do it more but a part of me is terrified by how very few people seem to share my view of the world. What is so odd about crocheted brainslugs? You can't find a use for these?

I love seeing what other people make. And other people make wonderful things out of fimo!
Articulate Matter

I could make things out of fimo, too. Oh, but my perfectionist nature would forever cringe at the fingernail prints I'd no doubt leave embedded in every porno-styled dinosushi I dished out!

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  1. oh, but that fimo stuff would be a cruel joke on the rest of us - what if you started making fimo tim-bits or sushi or (shudder) fimo brownies?!
    Can you just see the face of some poor, starved soul, who has just bitten into a "brownie"?

    Counting is good