Friday, October 23, 2009

Raccoons, a boon?

I always feel a little excited when I first hear the raccoons, their little warbles and chirrups. How nice, I think, of them to come and visit. They sound simply adorable, busy yet social, outside my window in the evening, late into the night.

I have a fondness for woodland creatures. They are the simpler beasts of our lives. Raccoons, deer, squirrels. Badgers and hedgehogs. The little birds.

Last fall much of my poetry found itself wound around the lives of these, my forest friends. I should continue to explore this phenomenon, before the weather shifts again.

I feel a growing excitement for the coming holidays, though. I bought a Playmobil Advent Calendar, "Christmas in the Forest". Everyday a new and exciting and fun and adorable plastic animal or set piece will be revealed, to amaze and astonish, to inspire. Or just for fun. Ah, Nostalgia!

In the mail: Playmobil Nativity Set with corresponding Three Wise Men and Santa's Workshop (aka My Take Along Holiday Home).

I feel can justify the purchase of so many toys by calling them 'christmas decorations'. I suppose I'll have to resort to having children if I want to expand my collection to include the awesome farm sets!

Dear Raccoons,
I love you. I truly do appreciate you coming to visit.
Please go to sleep now. Seriously. Shut up.


  1. Ah yes,
    every gardener knows the joy of critters, the chittering of raccoons as they raid the birdfeeder, the chomping and belching of the deer as they feast upon your hard work...

    and really Sara, toys???!

    (although you can justify them by saying you are an AUNT, as as such, should have some toys on hand in case family comes to visit)

  2. I suppose so, but I wouldn't want to have to share!