Monday, October 19, 2009

No Rocky Horror would be a terrible thing.

The word 'anticipation' always brings to my mind the Rocky Horror Picture Show. No word has ever been so perfectly spoken as that one was in that film. Seriously.

Maybe I'm biased; I've been a fan for as long as I can recall. I'd never even seen the film, but as a child I had all the words to every song memorized. My mom had the soundtrack on tape (cassette tape!) It was awesome! I'm not even now much of a fan of musicals, but that one had, and still has, some of the most catchy, dramatic tunes to ever grace the screen. Although grace might not be the right word...

Of course I have as an adult seen the film. I watch it every year on halloween. Someone has yet to learn to love it, but maybe this year he'll finally understand. And not inundate me with stupid questions. I mean, really, with costumes and makeup like those, does the film really need to make sense?

I also always watch Ghostbusters on halloween. Holy jeebers did those dog-statue things ever scare me as a kid! I laugh now, but-- !!!

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  1. We must be related!

    Let's do the timewarp again...
    Yep, I do love the movie, also. And I agree, Tim Curry, dressed in the best gear a transvestite can acquire, truly pronounced that "annnn ti ci paaaaaaaaation" exquisitely.

    However, he is not the ONLY one who does not properly appreciate music, costumes, and chicanery... but I think MY favourite part of the movie was Tim Curry's entrance, slowly dropping down in the elevator, all you see is one foot keeping time.. and then... all hell breaks loose!

    I like musicals.

    I will say, though, you had us worried - I kept waiting for a teacher to ask me where my child had learned such songs - having your little girl dance around, singing "toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty"... well, it might not make the best impression.. But you did seem to have fun singing it.

    I like Halloween. I'm in the process of painting headstones for the front yard (and painting myself in the process - I love getting acrylic paint on my clothes - such fun to try and remove...). And I've been informed that I'm not painting a spider on the front window - this year, I'm doing a bat. Which is easier than the first choice, Sully and his partner from Monsters Inc. Thank goodness!