Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's like a diary entry, without so much angst.

It is hot out. The weather seems to have gone from "jacket and a scarf" to "god damnit now I gotta shave my legs" over night. But that's ok. I was gonna shave them soon anyways; I'm going to mexico in less than two weeks!

In other news, I had a dentist appointment yesterday, and was able to schedule a follow up appointment for this saturday. The hygienist there was very gentle and had worked in a periodontist office for a while and so understood my paranoia surrounding the gum graft I'd had done a year ago. The dentist himself was very nice too. And the receptionist was very accommodating when it came to scheduling appointments, as everything needs to get done before the end of the month, when I will most likely loss... loose.. er.. loos... looozze (what?) my benefits.

Not only does 'poet' not come with a salary, the benefits suck too. The hours are nice though.

A few more rejection letters, and a slew of lit mags have reached the end of their reading periods and wont be accepting any new material until september. I am considering sending material to online magazines, something I've yet to do.

I planted some mint. And by planted I mean I bought two thingers of mint in the plastic pots and stuck those out on my patio. They came with dirt in them and I threw a cup of water at 'em. They'll be fine. I'm gonna make mojitos! I have to make ice cubes first though.

I don't have much else to type about... so I will tease you with some sample lines from my bestest dino porn poem:

"Everywhere they go, a hundred tons
of flesh smacks against another
hundred tons..."

Writing this poem I learned three new words: thews, milt, and amative. Oh what fun!

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  1. "with hand in the air" - oohh ohhh ohhhh! I know the word milt!

    OTOH, while I am not a cook, I have a relatively fool-proof recipe for icecubes...