Thursday, May 28, 2009

I want to live in a StarTrek.

Books are wonderful things. The covers, the paper, the binding, typography, formatting, size, style, the smell, the very weight of one in your hand, it all combines to create a thing of art. But can I ever become one of those people who can forgo all that and enjoy simply the words?

I've been looking into different eReaders, for reading eBooks, and wondering whether this is a thing I could work into my lifestyle. For one thing, the idea itself is cool and very sci-fi.

My bookcase is very much nearing capacity. Even with awful books, I can't bring myself to get rid of any, and I am very much a re-reader of all my books, so I like to have them in my life. I am a library user, but still wish to own the books I love. Could eBooks be the solution? They take up virtually no room, and hitting a delete button on those bad books would be easier than feeling the need to find a home for the print versions. I'd also like getting rid of the more pulpy/commercial books and having the room for chapbooks/artbooks, the rare and beautiful pieces.

There is a cost though. The eReaders are expensive, and the technology keeps changing and upgrading. And eBooks themselves aren't always as cheap as you'd think when compared to the print version.

I like what I've seen online of the Sony Reader PRS-700. It has built in side lighting and a touchscreen, with the ability to take notes. I especially like the idea of adding annotations, and when combined with the ability to download both .doc and .rtf, it opens up the option of editing my own work on the go. The touchscreen does decrease the contrast of the screen, so I'd want first to compare it instore with the PRS-505, though this one lacks a light and annotation capabilities.

But beyond simply liking the technology, are there any good books being ePublished? Any poetry? Any lit mags jumping on board? A lot of authors and publishing houses aren't, and I'd hate to be limiting myself, or spending the money on something I can't use universally. Although my very own library does offer eLending, so there's hope.

I can definitely envision myself reading off of a softly glowing metal slate, fingers brushing its buzzing surface now and then, spaceships zooming around outside my spacedome, rocket-dog at my feet, so I'll keep thinking about it and looking around at options, though it waits entirely on getting a better job and bigger paychecks!

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  1. I'm still waiting for my jetpack though - the 'world of tomorrow" from the 1960's had all kinds of things promised for the future - not many of them have happened so far... Star Trek, otoh, predicted most of what we have, already. I don't remember any paper on Star Trek, so either they've gone to voice recorder permanently, or at least, there aren't many trees in space for papermaking...