Monday, June 8, 2009

Maybe my rogue will get past level 74 today, cuz I ain't going in to work!

Oh, I'm sick. So sick. I'm going to eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast, cuz my throat hurts, my skull aches, and my face is filled with goo.

Dear Mexico, please be kind to my weakened immune system, this cold is wearing me out.
Love, a super fan.

Dear Cold, goooo awaaaay!
From your worsest nightmare ever, rarr!

Dear Goo, get out get out get out!
From you-know-who.

Dear Friends and Family, if I don't make it through this, and I may not if the ice cream runs out, please have my remains placed in the pool at Cancun, so that I may float through eternity in sunshine. Also, tape a Pina Colada to my clenched fist, I like those.
Love, a somewhat pathetic sicky.


  1. My poor baby - if I were closer, I would let you hug me, and dilute those nasty germs.
    Tell Thomas your mommy said he wasn't to let you run out of chocolate ice cream (drool!).
    Your last request(s) have been noted - did you want that Pina Colada keg-sized?

  2. Keg-sized? Yes please. I hear eternity can last a long time... can you actually make that a bottomless Pina Colada?

  3. For you, I would do anything - bottomless, it is - how long of a straw would you like?