Thursday, May 21, 2009

Read these other things, m'kay?

Busy busy busy! I've only just now managed to catch up on all my blog reading. And to hold you over while I get back to blog writing let me recommend some reading for you :) It's the lazy way to blog!

I just finished reading Mary Novik's novel Conceit. For a book I randomly pulled off the shelf at the library, it was better than most books I've paid money to read! I can't recommend this book enough. I couldn't put it down, both the world within it and the langauge woven throughout are so rich, beautiful, delicious even. A book of love and passion that takes a route that in a way avoids any notion of romance, it is refreshing and bold. Oh, and there's a poet in it, too! I want to start reading it all over again, right this minute. This is a book I now need to buy, as it simply must live on my bookcase forever. And I had to share this with you all, 'cuz I hope you read it, and that it can be a thing you love as much as I do. I'm nice like that.

Also, a quick read on not being a poet from a blog I follow. Very interesting and definitely food for thought.

And now for some tea, some writing, and then some awful work work ( I am now actively looking for something else though, work work shouldn't be so 'ugh'), and some daydreaming of a week in Cancun.

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