Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What. What is this? A 'blog entry'? No. Couldn't be.

I am formed out! And I wish I was talking about form poetry. Unfortunately, but probably, and most definitely probably, fortunately, I speak of the filling out of forms. Government forms. Like the type I am to bring to my job interview next week. Glee!

Ungleeful: the 3 plus hours of filling out obscure info about me and everyone around me. My poor friends, family, and coworkers must think I'm getting ready to heavily stalk them (heavy mouth breathing included) or perform mass identity theft, which might in fact prove more lucrative than my hopeful job... hm.

These forms. They are still not done.

And then there will be the photocopying. They didn't say how many bums they wanted in there though...

Well, ok, if you insist, one quick rant. Er, that's not form related:

Interesting headlines on the msn homepage? I shall click to read and learn more. But why must even the ones without a video symbol direct me to a video? I like there to be that symbol to warn me of the ones I don't want to click, because I don't like watching articles. I cannot passively receive my news. It takes too long. I much prefer to read, skim, linger, pause, and ultimately make it through the article in question quicker then anyone could read it to me. Seriously. What does it say about society that the masses wish to passively absorb all news? It seems that most people are only ever half-present. Where do the rest of their heads go?

Bonus: I totally spelled (oh crap, spelt?) 'receive' right on the first go up there. Go me, and blogger spellcheck. We make a fine team.

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  1. Rant received and approved as read.
    Bonus points for spelling.
    Photocopying - paperwork only on application - bums are not required until AFTER the signing of the offer - no point in giving away the good stuff if they aren't going to appreciate...