Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's been, like, 10 minutes and I can't think of a title. Fuck it.

Life upgrade, check.

So, this one time, I wrote a blog. And then, this other time, I resurrected it.

So what's new? Let's see...

-Went to trade school.
-Got an apprenticeship.
-Started cello lessons.
-Bought a car.
-Subscribed to the opera.
-Won a bunch of sheet metal awards.
-Bought a house.
-Installed a pool table in that house.
-I now have an art studio and dedicated writing space. These aren't even the same spaces. Sweet.
-Had my face on the back of a double-decker bus. A bunch of times, actually.
-Was also on some bus shelter ads.
-Adopted a cat.
-Took a ukelele class.
-Finished my apprenticeship and earned my Red Seal.

And now?
Well fuck, I better get back to writing!

And I have. Within the last few months, I've written a good handful of poems and have already added to my growing collection of rejection letters. I've also been attending a weekly poetry reading series in town, taking my place at the open mic to share a poem each chance I get.

And what better way to celebrate this return to writing? By returning to a distraction from writing! Yay, Blog.

Also, I'll be rereading all these old blogs. Won't edit them. But I might be suitably embarrassed? We'll see! Oh, I see I was regaling us all with tales from my trip to Turkey. I never did finish. I never actually finished the pen and paper version of that journal either.... whoops.

Here's my writing space, the built-in office area of the guest room. I should get a decent chair, but there is just something suitably epic about writing poetry on a fox pelt covered love seat...

-Learned to talk like a sailor ('cause I've worked in a shipyard for 4 years, duh) 

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