Thursday, April 8, 2010

King Carrot!

"You go get one carrot and I'll grab four onions."

He says to me: "Ok."

An unusual amount of time later: "I got the biggest one I could find."

He wasn't kidding! I present to you: KING CARROT!

And of course my artsy photographing diminished his glory. So here's another take:

My cutting board is too small! FYI that's a venti in the background (V 1p WM CGT tea, lol)!

And then I had to grate the entire mother-- :D

On the menu for tonight: slow-cookered beef and lentil whole wheat soft tacos with spinach, salsa, and cheddar. A new recipe and my first experience with lentils.

Um, what is a lentil? Like a bean? A grain? Veggie? Mineral? They look like tiny tiddlywinks.

Also, I blame the blurry photos on the caffeine. Or the general excitement of King Carrot.

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  1. I heart lentils, we eat them at least 3 times a week...