Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Liz Lemon says 'poo' a lot too!

Poo, didn't get the job. It would have been a boring job anyways, but at least it would have been 40 hours a week of boring.

Chatted with some regulars at work and they just happen to be Aircraft Maintenance Engineers! They seemed eager to hook me up with a job-shadowing opportunity so I gave them my number. Now I'm crazy paranoid that I gave them the wrong number. I wish I knew their names. It'll only just be a tad bit awkward to call their company and ask for Mr. Venti-Seven-pump-Non-fat-Quarter-water-No-foam-One-hundred-and-ninety-degree-Chai-tea-latte or his friend, the Tall Chai Latte. No joke. They give me a laugh everytime they come in.

Applying online to Northern Lights College is free. So I did.

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  1. And you, my dear child, are NOT boring - you are a bright, stimulating person with a myriad of possibilities before you!

    Free is always good.