Monday, January 19, 2009

Wet kitchen floors, and a walk to the libary.

Our's and the neighbour's kitchen flooded yesterday. Tip: disconnect outdoor hoses for winter; if you live in a condo doublecheck that someone in the building has done so. Even if you, like us, never wash your car, that hose business will still become your problem... which kinda really sucked.

I live near a library. I love it. I also never pronounce that 'r'. I consciously do this. Every. Single. Time. There's effort involved. What does this say about me?

I write poetry. I like to tell my partner/boyfriend/whatever I feel like calling him when I've written these poems. I don't like to work at my job much, though I do end up doing so, and I tell him that this is so I can write more. And it is. So I stress the writing of a poem to him. So maybe he'll get it. He doesn't always get the poem. But he tries and that makes him awesome.

I told him I had thought up a poem on my walk to the library after a short shift at work. And that I had then written it down when I came home, and was working on it until he came by for lunch. I was being very productive, even if I was being very poor (where's the paycheck in poetry?) He asked if it was about the kitchen flooding. I told him no, it was about my walk to the library. He told me some people call that a "diary". Ugh, scientists!

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